Void or Close an Object

There are a couple ways to void or close a permit/violation/license/project/etc before it reaches its "natural" end (for instance, if it's a duplicate application, a permit/license/project isn't required, a violation is abated, etc.). Voiding or closing an object before the end of its events will prompt you to select an "Exit Reason" so other users can see why the object was closed.

The object will be locked after you complete this process, so if you want to add a Journal note with more information about the reason for closing, make sure to do that before you begin.

Close an Object Using the "Closed" Checkbox

In all modules except Licenses, one way to close an object is to check the Closed box at the top of the form.

Checking this box will open a short summary of items that might be outstanding (which will vary by module).

If you proceed with Close Permit, the Specify Reason form will open. You must select one of the reasons listed in order to complete the process. If you don't see an appropriate reason listed, you can submit a request here at Zendesk.

Close an Object Using Events

In any module (including Licenses), you can also begin the void/close process from the Events tab in the form. Find the first event that hasn't been completed yet, and hover your mouse pointer over the space to the left of the event name until you see a Stop sign.

Click on the Stop sign to open the Specify Reason form (same as above).


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